Sunday, March 13, 2011

Traveling Some VERY Snowy Roads

So it's been a while since my first post and believe me not for lack of writing material. The end of January, the month of February, and now, the first week of March have all been crazy at the studio due to Valentine's Day "mini" sessions and photographing some large events, as well as at the house with school vacation, play dates and birthday parties.  But the starring role in the chaos called "A Day in the Life of Brogen" was, you guessed it, the snow and the snow days it brings! Since time and weather limited photography subjects during this time, I created images from what I had available...these very distractions.

"K...I'm Ready for Spring"
As you can guess, by the end of January the most abundant subject around was snow! Struggling for ideas to uniquely capture snow, I visited one of the photography blogs I frequent, and they had a group who was photographing letters in nature. So I began looking for possible subjects and found this abstract on top of our mailbox one afternoon...and since I was hating the site of a snowflake by then instantly thought of the title "K... I'm Ready for Spring".
Then as the month of February dawned, I decided to make an effort to find the beauty in our 6 - 8 feet snow banks and some originality in Valentine's Day. So I tried to change my point of view by using the eye of the lens, as well as some post processing textures and overlays to add some interest to the same subjects.

"Snow Day"
February 10th Winner
"Symbol of Love"
March 7th Winner
"When Two Become One"

Mid-February, I stumbled across a "Heart to Heart" theme on one of our online contest sites that provided me a much needed photography challenge, especially since the snow has lost it's appeal mainly due to it's ugly black appearance! Surprisingly I won 3 of the 28 possible "Heart to Heart" pictures of the day:  

"You've Got My Heart on a String"
February 10th Winner

"Three Little Words"
February 15th Winner
"Take Another Little Piece of My Heart"
February 21st Winner

We wrapped the month up with school vacation, bookended by two 7-year old birthday parties, one at Jump On In and the other at Kids Klubhouse. that even a word?? bookended?? My English teacher aunts are probably cringing as they read! : )

And here is the Brogen Clan, et al in action...a welcome change from indoor recess and being trapped in the house cause they sink into the snow to their waist, neck and head!

Like many of you...We're ready for spring!

Happy Daylight Savings!